“I’m studying! I swear it.”

This is my mini list of TV shows that will keep you interested in your courses. School is generally boring, but if it isn’t picking up, here’s a great approach in trying to pick up a little fun while still feeling like you’re getting work done.

Of course there’s a course for everything, but there are way too many areas of study and way too many shows to list here. So I chose a few basic fields of study and shows that are still currently airing.

Accounting – The Big Bang Theory

The first few seasons were brilliant, then it lost its charm in my opinion.This one’s kind of a joke. Accounting involves a lot of numbers, and with The Big Bang Theory consistently at the top of the charts in terms of viewers, its ratings involve a lot of numbers as well.

Administrative Studies – Luther


Luther is a crime drama series which focuses around a murder detective who often handles situations in ways which the authority of higher powers is challenged and morals are questioned. These situations may allow for answers in studying or developing administrative structures.

This is one of my all-time favourite shows.

Business – Sons of Anarchy


While this is a show like the above in which authority and ethics are questioned, a large part of it is how this Motorcycle club fits into the setting and works around these challenges. Also, how, when, and who they make deals with in order for a functional system.

This is also one of my favourites.

Communication Studies – The Walking Dead


This is sort of another joke. I fail to see the appeal of this show. But it is extremely popular among an extremely wide audience. More of my friends watch this show over the several other great shows that I have recommended. It doesn’t speak to me, but it speaks to nearly everyone else. Thus…, communication studies?

Criminology – Hannibal


I actually stopped following this show. But Hannibal Lecter’s character is fascinating and allows a great gateway into the mind of a criminal.

Another good show, which is probably the likely and more popular choice would be Dexter.

Disaster & Emergency Management – The Vampire Diaries

With all of the destruction and madness that occurs in this show, this choice pretty much speaks for itself. I don’t know how any of these people are still sane. Are they? Well, they’re not human, so I suppose it’s difficult to judge. Then again, we’re just talking about management, not psychology.

English & Professional/Creative Writing – Once Upon a Time


I genuinely think that this is something that anyone in writing should take a look at. The ability to intertwine the stories the way that the writers do is commendable. The show uses classic stories which most people know, and it’s a great source of studying how to make an old story new and ways to change a story in order to make it interesting in current time, as well as introduce it as something new entirely.

Health & Society – Arrow


Well, look at Stephen Amell. It will inspire you to read up on some health blogs and what not in your free time. And as far as the actual show goes, a good way to understand society is to look at the different types of reactions achieved through the existence of vigilante—his actions and what he stands for. Not only towards “the hood” as he’s currently called, but also how society behaves within itself due to this existence.

Human Rights & Equity Studies – Revenge


There are many challenges the characters in this series face in which they are helpless due to the actions of others. It gives you an insight into the power of various positions and has you questioning right from wrong. Also, Emily Thorne (the main character played by Emily Van Camp) kicks more butt than any man. I guess that just throws equity out the window. xD Seriously speaking though, having the ability to view things from a third person perspective, there is an evident ability to achieve equality as people are climbing ladders behind walls. Despite what they believe their position to be or what others believe it to be, the reason for the drama is because the power is always so left and right—everyone has the ability to be more or less powerful/successful.

Law & Society – Homeland, Suits

homelanddownload (1)

There’s not much to say. These are 2 kickass shows. If you’re in the field or not, there are definitely things to learn.

Marketing – Breaking Bad


Crystal Methylamine dealers for the win.

Everyone should watch this show regardless of their stream. You will learn a lot about other people. You will learn a lot about yourself. It’s one of the greatest written shows I have ever seen, with one of the most innovative concepts, and it’s coming to an end. I started it late, and I can’t recommend it enough. Better late to the party than never having been there at all. (That’s debatable actually. :/ But that would be a blog post in itself.)

Political Science/Politics – Game of Thrones


This show would be a great resource in studying politics, alliances, war, etc. Somehow the show has the ability to cover a span of such large areas at once, and it’s a great way of getting a view of the larger picture when trying to study relations and the behaviour of separate sectors with one another.

If you’re studying linguistics, I suppose this would be a good one as well. There are a couple tongues which I believe were created just for the series including Dothraki and Valyrian.

Well, that’s all for now. If you have a specific request which wasn’t on the list, hit me up and I’ll be happy to find you a show.


Bring Me To Life

I thought up of this game that I believe has the potential to be fun and interesting, even insightful.

It’s called, well you know what it’s called because of the title. No, it’s not called “well you know what it’s called because of the title”. It is called, “Bring Me To Life.”

The whole idea behind this is the deep understanding we think we have (whether we do or not) of characters we see, read, and hear (or hear of).
On a level of personal experience, I have often first thought of a fictional character before an actual existing person when given a description of someone.
This game is all about who (specifically fictional characters) you think of, given different characteristic(s).

I will put down a list of titles, such as “lawyer”. Using the title (or adjective) given, the player lists down the first fictional character that comes to mind.

Example: For lawyer, an answer could be “Saul Goodman” or “Harvey Specter”.

Please don’t be afraid to post comments. You can post as a guest and I promise you that I’m unable to see your email and so is everyone else who visits the page. You won’t receive spam either.

If you would like to post the game to your blog, let me know and I’ll tag you in my post.

In a few days, I’ll post my choices too. If you have any other interesting character recommendations, please let me know those as well.

Anyways, here’s the list. Please participate.

Fill in the blank.
The first name that comes into my head when I think of … is ______.

1. lawyer
2. doctor
3. businessman
4. officer
5. selfless
6. selfish
7. badass
8. aggressive, but loser
9. crazy
10. vulnerable or wimpy
11. creep
12. frightening but hot
13. conflicted
14. innocent
15. forever mysterious

If people play, maybe I’ll do another list. But this is it for now. Please post where the characters are from alongside their names.

Endnote: The title of this game is taken from an Evanescence song. I recommend it. It’s awesome!