YouTube Music Covers

In the words of Zeek Power, who this blog post is for, “What’s crack-a-lackin party people?”

Alrighty. Seriously. How is everyone doing today? I hope the answer is fantastic, because every day should be fantastic!

I wanted to blog about this days ago. I don’t necessarily do this on a daily basis, but I do enjoy listening to YouTube music covers. Usually this is when I’m curious to hear other peoples’ renditions of any given song. While I was surfing YouTube covers, I came by a dude that goes by the name, “Zeek Power” who’s covers I am now obsessed with. Everybody should check him out. He’s got a very different sound, and a beautiful voice.

Also, before anyone accuses me of enjoying it just because of the accent, I didn’t know he had one until after I decided I was a fan.

Here’s a link to his channel, and one of his covers that I really liked. 🙂


Burn My Bridges

I have recently had the song “Burning Bridges” by One Republic locked into my head. It’s even more than when I first heard it.

Generally, people talk about walls they put up and tearing those down. What does “I want you to burn my bridges down” mean to you?

Sidenote: My view ratings have shot up recently and I still don’t entirely know what it is. I have been very inactive lately (which I apologize for). When I checked my stats in hopes of finding the source, there were many hits listed under unknown, but the highest of the known were searches related to “The Walking Dead.” I laughed to myself about that one considering the post I referred to it in was as a joke. xD