My First Time (at TIFF Bell Lightbox)

I have lived in Ontario for the past 14 years and never ever been to TIFF before. I decided this year that no one else is ever going to take me because no one else gives a shit. So I applied to be a volunteer and got to attend the orientation & got an interview. So that’s where I was today.

The interviewer seemed to disinterested in what I was saying. I kept trying to tell her something she would like, but she just didn’t seem to give a shit. She was taking notes of what I was saying though, so maybe that’s why. Half of the other interviewers just looked so much more interesting.

But guess what, I know I will later, but right now I just DON’T GIVE A SHIT!

You wanna know why? Wanna know? Wanna know??


The timing worked out perfectly. I left my interview and decided to go to the bathroom first. When I was leaving, I sat down to tie my shoelace. Then got up and went towards the escalator. Before I stepped on it… He made eye contact with me just as I saw him. And my mouth fell open. He just looked normal until I managed to speak. I really should rehearse better opening lines for the future. Instead of saying that he was the best and my absolute favourite director of all time, I said “Your movie was my FAVOURITE summer movie!”

Summer movie? WTF is wrong with me?

“Thank you.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to get in your way and I’m trying really hard not to freak out right now, but can I PLEASE have a picture?”


He stopped for me at the top of the lightbox escalator.


A few paagal kuriyaan (crazy girls) actually just walked past. What the heck. PEOPLE! DO YOU NOT SEE GUILLERMO DEL TORO STANDING HERE WITH A TURBAN GIRL?! THERE’s LITERALLY NO ONE ELSE HERE!!

“Thank you so much. I LOVED Hellboy too!!”

He asked me what I watched at TIFF. I told him I didn’t watch anything and then told him why I was there.

Then before leaving, I told him that he made my summer and that this was the best thing ever.

He asked me my name like he actually cared. What a nice guy. He actually tried to say it? Then said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Guillermo.”

I was like, (still starstruck) “I know what YOUR name is. ”

He told me that he’ll be here pretty much all year so he’ll see me during the festival. And I told him “Yeah, I’ll see you then.” and turned down the escalator because i didn’t want him to remember me (hopefully he remembers me– very unlikely, I know. Dream big. ) as some annoying fangirl. But let’s be serious, that’s totally what I was…


Anyways, my reactions after leaving were funnier. I felt my pulse racing in my chest for a good 20 minutes on my way


to Union station. I had to put my IMG_4044shades on because I couldn’t control my emotions, but I really looked like this, and this, and this.




Tea Time! (The Cinnamon Challenge)

I know, I know… Anyone reading this is going to be thinking, what is wrong with this woman? Why is she posting about the cinnamon challenge? This thing is like so old.

I KNOW! I did it ages ago, I swear!

So, this is how it came up again:

I had water boiling in the kettle, and I was preparing my tea in my mug. I threw in some green tea leaves, and then dumped the powdered cinnoman box over it, dropping way too much. Instead of scooping it out, I reached in like an animal and just ate it. Who does that?! Well, I do.

Anyways, point is, it got me thinking. I don’t understand why the cinnamon challenge is so hard. So I tried to keep the cinnamon in my mouth for a while to understand why people have difficulty swallowing it. The only time I began having any issues is when I started breathing heavily through my mouth.

Here’s how to beat the cinnamon challenge. [Also, this hasn’t been tested on anyone other than me. And since I don’t really understand why it’s so difficult, there are probably better volunteers out there.]:

Take a spoon of cinnamon. Shove it in your mouth. Actually, don’t shove it. You’ll probably choke on the spoon before you even get to start. Now that it’s in your mouth, don’t breathe excessively, and keep your mouth closed. Don’t rush. Just relax and swallow a little bit at a time. Don’t suffocate yourself though. When you need to breathe, take deep slow breaths through your nose.

I’m pretty sure that’s all there is to it.

I sound like a phony. I get it. I swear I had a video. Actually my sister had a video because she’s the one who filmed it for me, and god knows what she did with it. I promise to post another soon!

Also, I have a TIFF volunteer orientation thing today. I’m so excited!

Understanding Quotes

Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration, I like to read through quotes. They’re generally short and get me thinking. I came across the following one a few minutes ago: 

“Design is easy. All you do is stare at the screen until drops of blood form on your forehead.” – Marty Neumeier

And I couldn’t understand it. I kept thinking about it, and my thought process was just focused on, what exactly can cause drops of blood to self-form on ones forehead? Then I read back the first sentence, “Design is easy.” 

So now I’m thinking that the quote’s saying that design isn’t actually easy? I’m still lost. I sound really stupid at this point and I feel really stupid. Forget inspiration, now I’m just plain old lost. Anyone want to break it down for me?

New Show Recommendation

What is summer for? For me, summer means that I can watch more movies/spend more days at the movie theatre… Orrrrr I can pick up a new show!!

Over the last few days, I have started watching Sons of Anarchy. It is so incredibly addicting. I was watching back to back episodes for hours and hours… And more hours. I killed the first season last night (early this morning technically).

It took me a while to understand why exactly I love this show so much. I still don’t entirely understand. No, it is not just because of Charlie Hunnam. I think when you like any show so much, you grow to like the characters or actors regardless.

Usually, the shows or movies that appeal to me are ones which are far from the things I am able to experience physically. Then along with that, they are relatable enough that they have the ability to pull me into that reality.

Sons of Anarchy is so different from my life and the things that I experience on a day to day basis. But the thing is, it’s not something fantastical or full of magic that I wish I could feel in my life. It’s just so raw. It just seems like such a realistic setting and I can really feel their pain.

This is starting to sound similar to a show like Degrassi, 90210, or One Tree Hill… these teen show dramas. It’s not even close, although I’m starting to recognize similarities now. It is about everyday life drama. But Sons of Anarchy is focused on an older group of people and targeted to an older audience (I imagine). And… the show doesn’t take place in high school or college. It’s about a biker gang. Hahaha, I don’t know why this is so difficult. I just really want to convince people of how great of a show it is. I’m actually disappointed in myself that I began watching it so late. But of course, better late than never!

As always, feel free to leave a comment below. I love to read them. 🙂 Tell me what the summer means for you.

5 Things Game

5 things I have a passion for:

Writing – I realize this one’s a little bit hard to believe because I don’t blog nearly enough, but doI love to write Although, the material is mostly for myself at the moment.

Planning Events – I’m not the best person at staying on top of things like cleaning for just the sake of keeping clean. But when it comes to planning some sort of event, I’m all over it! Especially on Halloween!

Watching movies/TV shows: Yes, it’s a passion. I get fulfillment out of watching everything.

Family: What would I do without them? I don’t have that many close friends, so I rely on my family for pretty much everything and I would do anything for them.

Listening to music: It keeps me sane.

5 things I would like to do before i die:

–> Make a movie
–> Have a novel published
–> Adopt a child
–> See the aurora borealis
–> Have a career which I’m happy with. (Preferably one where I can travel. )

5 things I say a lot:

“Live in the moment.”
The f word in various statements.
“That’s cute”/”so cute!”
“I want ice cream.”

5 books/magazines I have read recently:

Cineplex magazine
Beautiful Creatures
Film Art textbook
History of Astronomy textbook
Sociology textbook (it went over my head though)

5 favourite movies: (only 5?!)

The Lion King
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Prestige

5 Places I would love to travel:

Italy: –> Rome’s architecture
–> to travel by boat in venice.

Greece: –> for the mythology

Japan: –> a childhood dream (I used to be obsessed with anime and wanted to be able to be a professional manga artist.)

Ireland: –> it looks BEAUTIFUL. So I want to go mostly for the nature.
–>The accent is great too.
–> Maybe I can find a leprechaun!

Singapore: –> I still don’t understand what Jack Sparrow’s talking about in Pirates of the Caribbean when he says, “Clearly you’ve never been to singapore.”

Pacific Rim Review

Del Toro did real good.

I was actually going to skip this movie today because I just wasn’t in the mood to get myself to the movie theatre. I’m a lazy one… But goodness, am I glad I went anyways.

Pacific Rim is the perfect escape. The movie was magnificent. It is one of the best cinematic experiences I have ever had. Watch it in IMAX or don’t watch it all. I watched it in 3D for the IMAX, and god am I happy I got to see it in 3D. I was completely there. All of my previous worries were almost completely forgotten because instead, I was worrying about who was going to drift with Raleigh. (I love that name, by the way.)

I find that IMAX is quite irritating sometimes with how loud it is. But this movie needed it. I was so immersed with everything that was going on. I could touch the water. I could hear the echo of Idris Elba’s voice. I could even hear the wind whoosh past my face when I turned it up so high to see the Gipsy.

The visuals were incredible. The Jaegers felt so real.

For anyone who has seen the movie, I loved the whole drifting concept. I can’t say I completely understood, but I don’t think it was meant to be analyzed that much. It works for the movie to say that it’s just something that you have to experience first-hand as a pilot to truly understand what it means to drift.

This, in this very moment, is my favourite movie ever. I feel so obsessed. It’s not actually my favourite movie, but the fact that I felt like I needed to say it anyways, means that it’s pretty dang amazing.

This was my favourite summer movie, action-wise at least. The fighting scenes were SO good. Forget Iron Man, Fast 6, Star Trek, even Man of Steel. Yup, I just totally said that the action was better than Man of Steel (and I loved Man of Steel).

Charlie Hunnam is so fantastic. Personally, I think his voice has a more appealing tone in the movie, with the fake accent. I have been putting it off for so long, but I definitely need to go watch “Sons of Anarchy” now.

There are also no complaints from my end in terms of casting, especially with secondary characters played by Charlie Day and Burn Gorman. They were a riot (in a good way).

I’m also going to have the part where Pentecost (Idris Elba) yells, “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!” replaying in my head.

I’ll just avoid going into detail how obsessed I am with Idris.

There’s more that I want to share, but most of that includes spoilers, so I’ll keep it to myself. And if anyone is curious, hit me up or comment below. 🙂

Monkey Think or Monkey Do? (Part 2)

Sorry everyone, I realize that this is a little bit overdue.

In the last post on the topic, I talked about how I am more of a thinker than a doer. A few people shared about themselves, and their ideas on the subject. Thank you to those of you who did.

Sometimes it is very important to think about what you’re doing so that you don’t regret an impulsive decision. Other times (I personally thing anyways) it’s a good thing to be a little bit spontaneous, and not let to much thinking hold you back.

So I think it’s apparent to most people that the best outcomes are achieved by pairing the two together. It’s not really a complicated concept, but for some reason many people have an issue with it. Either people feel held back or they wish they had held back.

Random questions like this which come up usually come up because they don’t have a right or wrong answer, but in this situation, I think it’s obvious that the way in which an action is most effective is when a thought process is involved, and the action is followed through. Essentially, “Monkey think” AND “Monkey do”.

A misconception may be that an action has to follow through with a specific plan. That was never really a statement in this given blog post, but the little bit of time taken to run your brain helps scan some sort of concepts or options.

[image credit:]

Relevant Side Note: When reflecting on posts like this, do you tend to picture yourself as the person that you actually are, or the person that you want to be? Based on that, is it true that if you’re the first one (you see yourself as the person that you actually are), that you’re a doer? And if you are the second (you see yourself as the person you want to be), you are more of a thinker?

MIM song: “Paranoid”, by the Jonas Brothers

Random Question of the Day

How do you truly differentiate a person who has difficulty learning from a person who just doesn’t try hard enough? Do they go hand in hand? Are they the same thing?

Just think about it and feel free to share in the comments below. I love feedback! ^_^

But I Don’t Understand Why I Have To Go

Yes, I’m having a rant moment. So… I have a Sociology test on Monday which I seriously need to study for because unfortunately Sociology isn’t as easy peasy as I thought it would be. I have to memorize my freaking textbook. Anyhow, I needed to stay home an study. But no, I’m not allowed because we have to go somewhere. This took up my entire day. I had about 4 hours of sleep last night. What’s incredibly frustrating is that I didn’t even want to take summer school, and now on top of that I don’t even get to study for it. I actually don’t want to study at all, but I mean, I would have if I had time. On top of that, I’m lucky enough to be experiencing a PMS high at this lovely time… Also, it just dawned upon me that all I ate today was an PB & J sandwich and an apple.

A random side note: My brother makes more of an effort to look nice whenever we’re going out somewhere, and he does look better. It’s impressive. Then again, when I don’t want to be somewhere, I don’t really try at all. Maybe I should try a little harder.

Another side note: I decided to add what I call “MIM songs”, aka. “Maybe it’s my song.” What these are going to be are songs which accompany hopefully every post, that I feel fit well for whatever reason.

My MIM song for this post: “So What”, by P!nk

Monkey Think or Monkey Do?

Now that I’m officially a HerCampus blogger, it’s necessary that I blog at least once a week. At least once a day, I think of something I feel like blogging about. I write it down, but never get to blogging it. Either it’s because the idea is way too long and too difficult to fit into a blog post, or I can’t quite figure out what I want to say about it.

So as I’m writing this, I realize that I’m less of a doer and more of a thinker. I don’t mean that I never take any spontaneous action, but I never tend to follow through physically with something I have spent a lot of time thinking about.

Are you a thinker or a doer? What’s better? Feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll post a follow-up soon. 🙂