New Show Recommendation

What is summer for? For me, summer means that I can watch more movies/spend more days at the movie theatre… Orrrrr I can pick up a new show!!

Over the last few days, I have started watching Sons of Anarchy. It is so incredibly addicting. I was watching back to back episodes for hours and hours… And more hours. I killed the first season last night (early this morning technically).

It took me a while to understand why exactly I love this show so much. I still don’t entirely understand. No, it is not just because of Charlie Hunnam. I think when you like any show so much, you grow to like the characters or actors regardless.

Usually, the shows or movies that appeal to me are ones which are far from the things I am able to experience physically. Then along with that, they are relatable enough that they have the ability to pull me into that reality.

Sons of Anarchy is so different from my life and the things that I experience on a day to day basis. But the thing is, it’s not something fantastical or full of magic that I wish I could feel in my life. It’s just so raw. It just seems like such a realistic setting and I can really feel their pain.

This is starting to sound similar to a show like Degrassi, 90210, or One Tree Hill… these teen show dramas. It’s not even close, although I’m starting to recognize similarities now. It is about everyday life drama. But Sons of Anarchy is focused on an older group of people and targeted to an older audience (I imagine). And… the show doesn’t take place in high school or college. It’s about a biker gang. Hahaha, I don’t know why this is so difficult. I just really want to convince people of how great of a show it is. I’m actually disappointed in myself that I began watching it so late. But of course, better late than never!

As always, feel free to leave a comment below. I love to read them. 🙂 Tell me what the summer means for you.


The Voice Rant

So Idol ended a little while ago, and I didn’t really talk about the finale. I think that was mostly because I was so satisfied. Candice was my favourite from the start and she came out on top. Luckily, despite American Idol having ended, I still get my weekly dose of a singing competition from the Voice.

The voice elimination yesterday absolutely blew my mind.

Judith Hill was eliminated?!!
She’s so good that sometimes you forget that she’s even a competitor. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s because she’s just so good. Every time I converse with my sister about who’s going to go out any given week, Judith’s name just never ever comes up!

I have so much to say in regards to this show. Sarah Simmons, I can sort of see why she got eliminated. I didn’t love the direction she had been taking the last two weeks, because when she sings the slow songs, her voice just sounds so much more magical and angelic.

I’m intrigued as to who other people’s favourites are– people who are reading the post anyways. So please vote on the poll, and don’t worry it’s all anonymous (even to me)! ^_^

Thankfully, my favourite competitor is still in the competition. My favourite is Michelle Chamuel. The first time I heard her sing, I knew she was good. But at the point, what she had going for her (in my eyes), was that she was entertaining to watch. But by the second time I saw her on that stage, I realized that she was one of the best in the competition. With every coming week, I have grown more and more in love with her.

It’s really frustrating for me that Judith had to go home. I have my mind made up however, that I want Michelle to win.

Another quite funny thing is that Blake loaded his team with country singers this year, refusing to keep the others, when last year, both of his contestants in the top 3 were non-country singers. Blake, stop saying “I’m going to stick to what I know” because you can clearly handle other genres! So I got a little bit sidetracked from what the actual funny thing was, which is that my favourite country singer is actually Amber, who is in fact on the lovely baby-voiced Adam Levine’s team.

The issue that I have with Blake’s entire team is kind of complicated. When I think of a singing competition winner, I think of someone who can do pretty much every type of song which is thrown at them, or they can put their own spin on it. When they put their own spin on it, it has to sound good though. For example, Sasha (team Shakira) has phenomenal vocal power and she’s stunning, but I have been really irritated at many of the arrangements her or Shakira have come up with for her. Two major examples are when she sang “Alone” and this Monday’s “Without You”.

If an artist has a distinct sound which they must stick to, it needs to be SO perfect because that’s what they’re going to be known for and it needs to be enjoyable. This being said brings Swon Brothers to mind– the first group to ever make it to The Voice live shows. They have a very cool distinct sound, but I find them very confusing to compare to the rest of the artists. They’re unique, but are they good enough to deserve to win over everybody else on a singing show? Can they do something that the others can’t? It’s confusing, because nobody really dares to attempt to steal someone else’s sound to show that they can do it. The reason probably being that they would get hate for trying to steal someone else’s shine and not doing their own thing.

Holly Tucker is a good singer. I actually realized this week how much I like the sweet tone of her voice. It’s pretty ironic because she was rocking out. I’m not even going to pretend though, that she’s the strongest or even the most unique voice in the competition. I thought she was going to go out this week.

Danielle, has a remarkable voice. She has a voice that blows my brains when I think that she’s a 16 year old. She is fantastic technically, but she just never gets even close to me emotionally. She hits every note with such ease and clarity, but I think even if she can’t give me some feeling through her voice, some little imperfections would make me enjoy her a little bit more.
This is a large reason why (in my humble opinion), Sarah sounded so much better singing Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” with Danielle on elimination day.

[Great song choice by the way. I have an will always be in love with that song. It’s a work of genius art.]

That’s my little rant on Team Blake and Shakira incidentally. I actually adore Sasha, but she isn’t giving me what I want to hear at this point. I loved when she sang “Next to Me” though!! It would make me so happy to hear more performances like that from Sasha. When she sings like that, she’s definitely a top contender. That being said, my top three are Michelle, Amber, and Sasha. But Michelle is undoubtedly my favourite.

Blake is not going to win this season. I don’t WANT Blake to win this season. Speaking of Blake, “Austin” (by Blake Shelton) is my all-time favourite country record, and I would love for Michelle Chamuel to give it a go.

American Idol May 1st

So… first off, I just want to say that I love Nicki on the show no matter what anybody else says, and I love how Keith (who seems to give the most useful critiques on the panel) encourages her.


So, I don’t know why the hell the panel was so harsh towards Angie’s rendition of “Diamonds“. I quite liked it. It was very artistic. The only useful advice that I think she was given was from Keith that if she wanted to change it up so much, she should have gone ahead and strayed from the melody. Angie’s performance of “Somebody to Watch Over Me” was sung beautifully, and that’s pretty much all I can say about it. I loved it. My favourite has been Candice all season, but when I heard Angie, I was just like “she is a superstar” and for a little bit, I started wanting Angie to win the competition.


I was excited when Amber was singing “Just Give Me A Reason” because it’s a great song and P!nk is just brilliant– she’s been murdering the music charts. It was aaiight. If you missed it, it doesn’t matter. However, Amber’s second performance, “My Funny Valentine” was AMAZING. The clip prior to the actual song was awesome because she didn’t have a clue what the hell she was singing. She got a standing ovation and people got really emotional. It was cute. Her dad was so cute. I feel bad that she’s always in the bottom two because she was definitely in the top 2 today. She’s so good.


Other than Amber’s “My Funny Valentine”, my favourite song of the night was Candice’s “When I Was Your Man“. After hearing it, I was like “what was I thinking?” Why on earth would I suddenly just switch to wanting Angie to win? This is why Candice has been my favourite female all season. She is killer and I don’t know why I forgot just how good she is. The second song “You’ve Changed“, she sang like a pro, but I’ve basically already forgotten it because… meh. She sang it brilliantly, but the song was whatever.


Kree chose a Carrie Underwood song, “See You Again.” I was like “win!” before she even started singing just because Carrie Underwood is the country queen. But I was really happy that she chose to sing a country song this week too. I have to admit, as great as Kree is, I’ve always acknowledged it, but she was never my favourite. I liked this performance and it sounded good. I also liked “Stormy Weather“. The judges weren’t too nice in their critiques, but I think Harry Connick’s advice was actually the most useful with Kree. He kept emphasizing to keep the melody simple to all of the contestants and not try to put too many decorations on them (especially with the older songs) and I think it really helped the sound– the most in Kree’s case.

Speaking of Harry Connick… I did not even know that this man was a singer. What in the bloody hell? I have seen him in movies and he’s quite a good actor. His advice was pretty good on the show and I’ll have to check his music out now.

And, if Mariah Carey says “you know” one more freakin’ time, my head is going to pop off!! No. Nobody knows what you are saying! She uses like 5 sentences for something which could be compressed into 1 and most of the time, the excess sentences are comprised of “uh” and “you know” and *table smack*.

It was also freakin’ hilarious when Nicki gave Mariah a Q-tip because honestly… not even god knows what she was saying.

So of all the songs of the night, this is my rating (starting from the best):

My Funny Valentine (Amber)
When I Was Your Man (Candice)
Somebody to Watch Over Me (Angie)
Diamonds (Angie)
You’ve Changed (Candice)
Stormy Weather (Kree)
See You Again (Kree)
Just Give Me A Reason (Amber)

If you had a favourite song, feel free to leave a comment and please vote on the poll!I try to keep in mind what sounded better as a final product as opposed to what was just sung better.

“The Following” season finale review – contains SPOILERS

Oh. My. Goodness. So freakin’ good. I am completely biased because this was my favourite show of the season. But it was just amazing. At a point in the episode, I was questioning whether this show was actually a short series and I had just missed that information for some reason. It looked like everything was getting rapped up and I just couldn’t understand where they were going to take the show next. Also, it was obvious that Parker was going to die, as much as I loved her. The show is crazy and with the loss of 2 major main characters, I’m no sure where they’re going to take it. But I am intrigued. It’s too bad that characters who were killed off just a while ago, like Roderick aren’t there anymore. I’m gonna bet that Emma is going to be the one that starts running shit. I don’t have a clue where the show is going to from here plot-wise, but it was such a good and unpredictable (for the most part) finale. I’m excited to see what happens next.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people found it didn’t have enough pain with action. There were just a lot of deaths, but not enough drawn out misery like normal for the show. It was a lot like a film as opposed to the normal drama of the show. Still, I was satisfied.

It’s a smart show. I’m sure they wouldn’t have made such risky decisions for the finale if they didn’t have a good plan for where to take the story next. I remember watching the season 1 finale of Homeland and just completely doubting it could continue the second season matching anywhere close to the genius calibre of the first. That second season was even more kickass. So I’m not going to judge the second season of a show which has taken such great directions in all of its episodes just yet. 🙂


American Idol Top 10


So I’m obsessed right now and last week’s elimination was depressing because I liked everyone in the top 20. Anyways, it’s okay. Since everybody is so good, I’m not actually angry about anyone who made it to the top.

So, the reason for this post is not just for the sake of talking about my emotions from last episode. I can’t help pair some of the guys and girls together and I really think they should throw together a duets episode. These are the people whose voices I think would go great together. Please vote on the poll and feel free to comment. 🙂

1. Curtis & Candice
2. Burnell & Angie
3. Lazaro & Amber
4. Paul & Janelle
5. Devin & Kree

Suits: Season 2 Finale. wth. *SPOILER*

So, I didn’t dislike the whole episode. What I did not like was the ending—the part where Mike Ross just HAD to confess to Rachel. “I never went to Harvard… I’m a fraud.” WHAT. THE. HECK. WHY?!

Okay, so I generally believe every episode of this show is absolute perfection. There’s a lot of things that happen that are the opposite of what I expect, and it ends up being brilliant. Although this situation of Mike having told Rachel his secret can lead to multiple outcomes, I don’t like any of the scenarios.

Say, Rachel overlooks the fact that Mike lied to her. How does that make any sense?? He lied to her for god knows how long Mike’s been at the firm about having graduated Harvard Law. They were in a relationship. And on top of that, Harvard is the one thing she wants for her future to work at Pearson-Hardman as a lawyer. She didn’t get in, and Mike’s doing it without even having gone. Do you just forgive that lie? That’s a stupid scenario right? So obviously, they would not make it okay for Mike to have lied to her right? Rachel is going to be pissed at him right?

If Rachel is angry at Mike:

  1. Rachel is upset at Mike, but quickly forgives him.
  2. Rachel is just angry.
  3. Rachel starts being hateful and doing things that are going to hurt Mike.
  4. They pretend get over each other.

What happens with the scenarios and why they suck:

  1. Still unrealistic.
  2. Okay. So either they make this a big deal or they sideline the story. If it’s a big deal, it’s going to get annoying. We don’t want to watch a CW drama. This is Suits. That would just completely ruin the show. If they just sideline their story, it’s bound to upset fans. We need to see their storylines move forward.
  3. This would make me so angry. I can see this happening though, because previously in the series, Rachel has already spent a good long time being pissed at Mike (when he was with Jenny & particularly Tess). Yeah, Rachel can get angry at him again, but we need more than that. So, like this scenario says, Rachel’s going to do shit to screw him over. But then we’re going to be angry at Rachel.
  4. They “split up”. Not that they’re actually together. I mean, I’m only partially open to this ending. I want Rachel to get over Mike, and move on, because she has no reason to trust him, and she should be pissed. However, I don’t want the story focusing on Rachel’s love life when Mike’s not involved because quite frankly, the show’s not about her. (You know what I mean.)

The only thing that I’m happy about is that this finally gives the two of them to move the story forward in regards to the two of them together.  In addition though, it’s sort of separating Mike’s secret from a large story plot. I don’t know if I like or dislike that. For one, it’s where it all began, but at the same time, it does sort of hold the story back if it can’t move past that issue to something else.

Where Mike and Rachel are concerned, they could always have character development without needing to focus on their relationship at all for a while.

And seriously, did all of you want it to be like this? Did you want Mike to tell her, or did you want her to find out through someone or something else? Personally, I love the fact that Mike told her even if it was a season and a half later at least. They just started talking again, and they had to drop this. And as much as I like Mike and Rachel, that was just a lame end of the season finale.  It also didn’t make me want to see what happens next. It just made me mad. The only reason I want to see what happens next is because I wrote this whole thing out. And in a few weeks I would probably start feeling deprived of good television since Suits is on break. And then at the point when I forget what happened in the finale, I would be dying to watch it again.

I don’t even know if that last part made any sense at all. But that’s about it. Feel free to share your own thoughts… or not (just read my blog and pretend you were never here). Haha.

And because I am sappy and an avid CW viewer, I kind of just wanted to see them happily together for a few episodes. 😦