Tea Time! (The Cinnamon Challenge)

I know, I know… Anyone reading this is going to be thinking, what is wrong with this woman? Why is she posting about the cinnamon challenge? This thing is like so old.

I KNOW! I did it ages ago, I swear!

So, this is how it came up again:

I had water boiling in the kettle, and I was preparing my tea in my mug. I threw in some green tea leaves, and then dumped the powdered cinnoman box over it, dropping way too much. Instead of scooping it out, I reached in like an animal and just ate it. Who does that?! Well, I do.

Anyways, point is, it got me thinking. I don’t understand why the cinnamon challenge is so hard. So I tried to keep the cinnamon in my mouth for a while to understand why people have difficulty swallowing it. The only time I began having any issues is when I started breathing heavily through my mouth.

Here’s how to beat the cinnamon challenge. [Also, this hasn’t been tested on anyone other than me. And since I don’t really understand why it’s so difficult, there are probably better volunteers out there.]:

Take a spoon of cinnamon. Shove it in your mouth. Actually, don’t shove it. You’ll probably choke on the spoon before you even get to start. Now that it’s in your mouth, don’t breathe excessively, and keep your mouth closed. Don’t rush. Just relax and swallow a little bit at a time. Don’t suffocate yourself though. When you need to breathe, take deep slow breaths through your nose.

I’m pretty sure that’s all there is to it.

I sound like a phony. I get it. I swear I had a video. Actually my sister had a video because she’s the one who filmed it for me, and god knows what she did with it. I promise to post another soon!

Also, I have a TIFF volunteer orientation thing today. I’m so excited!


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