5 Things Game

5 things I have a passion for:

Writing – I realize this one’s a little bit hard to believe because I don’t blog nearly enough, but doI love to write Although, the material is mostly for myself at the moment.

Planning Events – I’m not the best person at staying on top of things like cleaning for just the sake of keeping clean. But when it comes to planning some sort of event, I’m all over it! Especially on Halloween!

Watching movies/TV shows: Yes, it’s a passion. I get fulfillment out of watching everything.

Family: What would I do without them? I don’t have that many close friends, so I rely on my family for pretty much everything and I would do anything for them.

Listening to music: It keeps me sane.

5 things I would like to do before i die:

–> Make a movie
–> Have a novel published
–> Adopt a child
–> See the aurora borealis
–> Have a career which I’m happy with. (Preferably one where I can travel. )

5 things I say a lot:

“Live in the moment.”
The f word in various statements.
“That’s cute”/”so cute!”
“I want ice cream.”

5 books/magazines I have read recently:

Cineplex magazine
Beautiful Creatures
Film Art textbook
History of Astronomy textbook
Sociology textbook (it went over my head though)

5 favourite movies: (only 5?!)

The Lion King
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Prestige

5 Places I would love to travel:

Italy: –> Rome’s architecture
–> to travel by boat in venice.

Greece: –> for the mythology

Japan: –> a childhood dream (I used to be obsessed with anime and wanted to be able to be a professional manga artist.)

Ireland: –> it looks BEAUTIFUL. So I want to go mostly for the nature.
–>The accent is great too.
–> Maybe I can find a leprechaun!

Singapore: –> I still don’t understand what Jack Sparrow’s talking about in Pirates of the Caribbean when he says, “Clearly you’ve never been to singapore.”


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