Monkey Think or Monkey Do? (Part 2)

Sorry everyone, I realize that this is a little bit overdue.

In the last post on the topic, I talked about how I am more of a thinker than a doer. A few people shared about themselves, and their ideas on the subject. Thank you to those of you who did.

Sometimes it is very important to think about what you’re doing so that you don’t regret an impulsive decision. Other times (I personally thing anyways) it’s a good thing to be a little bit spontaneous, and not let to much thinking hold you back.

So I think it’s apparent to most people that the best outcomes are achieved by pairing the two together. It’s not really a complicated concept, but for some reason many people have an issue with it. Either people feel held back or they wish they had held back.

Random questions like this which come up usually come up because they don’t have a right or wrong answer, but in this situation, I think it’s obvious that the way in which an action is most effective is when a thought process is involved, and the action is followed through. Essentially, “Monkey think” AND “Monkey do”.

A misconception may be that an action has to follow through with a specific plan. That was never really a statement in this given blog post, but the little bit of time taken to run your brain helps scan some sort of concepts or options.

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Relevant Side Note: When reflecting on posts like this, do you tend to picture yourself as the person that you actually are, or the person that you want to be? Based on that, is it true that if you’re the first one (you see yourself as the person that you actually are), that you’re a doer? And if you are the second (you see yourself as the person you want to be), you are more of a thinker?

MIM song: “Paranoid”, by the Jonas Brothers


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