Smoking is Selfish

I saw a man at the bus stop today. He asked me for some money. “Hello sweetheart, could you spare some change?”
I had seen this same man a couple of days ago. He had gotten my attention just off to the side of the bus station and asked me for some money then. I asked him what it was for. “To take me to a better place. For whatever’s going to get me to a place where I can feel better.” I dug into my wallet and pulled out a dollar and before handing it to him I asked, “you’re not gonna use it to buy smokes right?” He laughed and said “No. No. Anyways, I’ve got a cold.” I handed him the loonie, not fully convinced. Still I gave into my sympathy.

So anyways, back to when he asked me for money again. I looked at him and said, “You already asked me.””Oh shit,” he mumbled and turned away before I could make another sound. So he didn’t recognize me. That didn’t surprise me. He probably asks people for money all day. But the thing that really upset me was that when I looked back up, I saw him outside the window smoking. I mean, he was still asking for money, which meant he was probably still trying to get to that “better place.”

Okay, he lied. Is it really that shocking? Not really. Anyways, I haven’t blogged about it before. But I really hate it when people smoke. I mean, for the longest time, I just figured, hey this person is probably troubled. I just couldn’t understand why they would be smoking otherwise, knowing how much damage it caused other people. Everybody knows that secondhand smoke is incredibly harmful.

So maybe they don’t care. Fine. What reason should people have to care about others other than themselves. Especially when their lives are effed up, right? Sure. But if you want to be selfish in that way, how can you go up to other people and expect them to care enough to help you. These people don’t know who you are.

So I suppose the gist of the story is really that I believe people who smoke are incredibly selfish, stop playing people, and be human enough to illustrate your own acts of selflessness if you want it to be reciprocated.

Above are multiple shots of Tom Hardy puffing death. You’re beautiful, but put down the cigarette bro.


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