American Idol May 1st

So… first off, I just want to say that I love Nicki on the show no matter what anybody else says, and I love how Keith (who seems to give the most useful critiques on the panel) encourages her.


So, I don’t know why the hell the panel was so harsh towards Angie’s rendition of “Diamonds“. I quite liked it. It was very artistic. The only useful advice that I think she was given was from Keith that if she wanted to change it up so much, she should have gone ahead and strayed from the melody. Angie’s performance of “Somebody to Watch Over Me” was sung beautifully, and that’s pretty much all I can say about it. I loved it. My favourite has been Candice all season, but when I heard Angie, I was just like “she is a superstar” and for a little bit, I started wanting Angie to win the competition.


I was excited when Amber was singing “Just Give Me A Reason” because it’s a great song and P!nk is just brilliant– she’s been murdering the music charts. It was aaiight. If you missed it, it doesn’t matter. However, Amber’s second performance, “My Funny Valentine” was AMAZING. The clip prior to the actual song was awesome because she didn’t have a clue what the hell she was singing. She got a standing ovation and people got really emotional. It was cute. Her dad was so cute. I feel bad that she’s always in the bottom two because she was definitely in the top 2 today. She’s so good.


Other than Amber’s “My Funny Valentine”, my favourite song of the night was Candice’s “When I Was Your Man“. After hearing it, I was like “what was I thinking?” Why on earth would I suddenly just switch to wanting Angie to win? This is why Candice has been my favourite female all season. She is killer and I don’t know why I forgot just how good she is. The second song “You’ve Changed“, she sang like a pro, but I’ve basically already forgotten it because… meh. She sang it brilliantly, but the song was whatever.


Kree chose a Carrie Underwood song, “See You Again.” I was like “win!” before she even started singing just because Carrie Underwood is the country queen. But I was really happy that she chose to sing a country song this week too. I have to admit, as great as Kree is, I’ve always acknowledged it, but she was never my favourite. I liked this performance and it sounded good. I also liked “Stormy Weather“. The judges weren’t too nice in their critiques, but I think Harry Connick’s advice was actually the most useful with Kree. He kept emphasizing to keep the melody simple to all of the contestants and not try to put too many decorations on them (especially with the older songs) and I think it really helped the sound– the most in Kree’s case.

Speaking of Harry Connick… I did not even know that this man was a singer. What in the bloody hell? I have seen him in movies and he’s quite a good actor. His advice was pretty good on the show and I’ll have to check his music out now.

And, if Mariah Carey says “you know” one more freakin’ time, my head is going to pop off!! No. Nobody knows what you are saying! She uses like 5 sentences for something which could be compressed into 1 and most of the time, the excess sentences are comprised of “uh” and “you know” and *table smack*.

It was also freakin’ hilarious when Nicki gave Mariah a Q-tip because honestly… not even god knows what she was saying.

So of all the songs of the night, this is my rating (starting from the best):

My Funny Valentine (Amber)
When I Was Your Man (Candice)
Somebody to Watch Over Me (Angie)
Diamonds (Angie)
You’ve Changed (Candice)
Stormy Weather (Kree)
See You Again (Kree)
Just Give Me A Reason (Amber)

If you had a favourite song, feel free to leave a comment and please vote on the poll!I try to keep in mind what sounded better as a final product as opposed to what was just sung better.


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