Oblivion Review Rant

I was uber excited for this movie. I had been waiting for months, so I was determined to catch it opening day. “Tom Cruise in an action movie?! Finally!” (Other than MI) “Tom Cruise kills action. It’s definitely going to be good.” Needless to say, I was SO wrong. The trailer is so misleading. The movie just goes in the dumbest directions. It’s like the stupidest combination of stories. There is SO much crappy dialogue and HORRIBLE character development throughout the film. It would have worked much better as a television show storyline-wise. Then there were some scenes which were just plain stupid which I’m not going to spoil here, but you’ll know if you dare to watch it. Also, they were playing some awesome epic music when the movie started, and I loved it. But there was epic music playing in like every other scene too… Taking a note from one of my favourite quotes (from the Incredibles), “When everyone’s super, no one is.” — When every scene has epic music, nothing stands out as epic. :/ Idk how to put it better. It’s pretty simple though. I think there was more stuff that bugged me. But that’s it from the top of my head right now. It’s definitely a movie you can skip this season, and I was really expecting it to be one of my favourites of the summer.



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