Kids Choice Awards – Vote!

This year’s host: Josh DuhamelImageids

I actually voted a while back and found this random note I wrote to god knows who about my choices:

the voice
Jake T Austin
sel gomez
idk jack about athletes – i voted phelps (if he’s retired wi/ 22 medals, dude must be good)
DAnica Patrick ( She’s cool)
THG (though if i recall, magic tree house was pretty sick.Haven’t heard of it since Elementary. Shall look into it again.)
Silliest selection ever… but Idk why the hell I’m voting for Kid’s choice in the first place.Anyways, went with Mario Kart just because there was a time when I aws obsessed with it.
ANYTHING BUT TEMPLE RUN. I said fruit ninja. The old guy holding the fruits was cute. After wording it like that, it’s kinda creepy…
Did they seriously ask this question? Obviously Avengers.
Just bc Will Smith and Depp did dumb movies and Garfield pwns Mguire as Spiderman, Andrew Garfield.
Without a doubt, Jennifer Lawrence. This woman deserves the oscar, why is she an option next to these people?
Wreck-it Ralph. Don’t start an argument with me again about why it was better than Brave…
Chris Rock.No contest.
Julia Roberts in that movie was the shittiest thing I’ve ever seen. That movie was just absolute crap, as were the characters. Completely downgraded every actor in that movie and set them up to be sold short of their talent. But seriously, if Tom Hiddleston doesn’t take this one, it’s an absolute abomination.
I love bon Jovi’s standup guys song, but dude. Maroon-effing-5!Best album of the year.
I love everyone in this group. But Usher’s music is just something else.
This one’s tough too, but I’ll go with Katy Perry, because “Wide Awake” wakes me up every morning.
I cannot believe these are the options. This the most depressing thing ever… I’ma go with stupidass one direction bc it’s a decent song despite the annoyingass fangirls.


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