Suits: Season 2 Finale. wth. *SPOILER*

So, I didn’t dislike the whole episode. What I did not like was the ending—the part where Mike Ross just HAD to confess to Rachel. “I never went to Harvard… I’m a fraud.” WHAT. THE. HECK. WHY?!

Okay, so I generally believe every episode of this show is absolute perfection. There’s a lot of things that happen that are the opposite of what I expect, and it ends up being brilliant. Although this situation of Mike having told Rachel his secret can lead to multiple outcomes, I don’t like any of the scenarios.

Say, Rachel overlooks the fact that Mike lied to her. How does that make any sense?? He lied to her for god knows how long Mike’s been at the firm about having graduated Harvard Law. They were in a relationship. And on top of that, Harvard is the one thing she wants for her future to work at Pearson-Hardman as a lawyer. She didn’t get in, and Mike’s doing it without even having gone. Do you just forgive that lie? That’s a stupid scenario right? So obviously, they would not make it okay for Mike to have lied to her right? Rachel is going to be pissed at him right?

If Rachel is angry at Mike:

  1. Rachel is upset at Mike, but quickly forgives him.
  2. Rachel is just angry.
  3. Rachel starts being hateful and doing things that are going to hurt Mike.
  4. They pretend get over each other.

What happens with the scenarios and why they suck:

  1. Still unrealistic.
  2. Okay. So either they make this a big deal or they sideline the story. If it’s a big deal, it’s going to get annoying. We don’t want to watch a CW drama. This is Suits. That would just completely ruin the show. If they just sideline their story, it’s bound to upset fans. We need to see their storylines move forward.
  3. This would make me so angry. I can see this happening though, because previously in the series, Rachel has already spent a good long time being pissed at Mike (when he was with Jenny & particularly Tess). Yeah, Rachel can get angry at him again, but we need more than that. So, like this scenario says, Rachel’s going to do shit to screw him over. But then we’re going to be angry at Rachel.
  4. They “split up”. Not that they’re actually together. I mean, I’m only partially open to this ending. I want Rachel to get over Mike, and move on, because she has no reason to trust him, and she should be pissed. However, I don’t want the story focusing on Rachel’s love life when Mike’s not involved because quite frankly, the show’s not about her. (You know what I mean.)

The only thing that I’m happy about is that this finally gives the two of them to move the story forward in regards to the two of them together.  In addition though, it’s sort of separating Mike’s secret from a large story plot. I don’t know if I like or dislike that. For one, it’s where it all began, but at the same time, it does sort of hold the story back if it can’t move past that issue to something else.

Where Mike and Rachel are concerned, they could always have character development without needing to focus on their relationship at all for a while.

And seriously, did all of you want it to be like this? Did you want Mike to tell her, or did you want her to find out through someone or something else? Personally, I love the fact that Mike told her even if it was a season and a half later at least. They just started talking again, and they had to drop this. And as much as I like Mike and Rachel, that was just a lame end of the season finale.  It also didn’t make me want to see what happens next. It just made me mad. The only reason I want to see what happens next is because I wrote this whole thing out. And in a few weeks I would probably start feeling deprived of good television since Suits is on break. And then at the point when I forget what happened in the finale, I would be dying to watch it again.

I don’t even know if that last part made any sense at all. But that’s about it. Feel free to share your own thoughts… or not (just read my blog and pretend you were never here). Haha.

And because I am sappy and an avid CW viewer, I kind of just wanted to see them happily together for a few episodes. 😦


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