Visual Effects


“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”: This movie did a lot with visuals. I mean, with everything that Peter Jackson and the crew of the movie put into it, it’s kind of sad for it not to win. But meh. Whatever. 48fps was completely unnecessary, but that got talked about a ton, so hopefully the amount of conversation it sparked can fill a little bit of the void of not getting this award.
“Life of Pi”: Life of Pi is my choice. Definitely. It looked realistic, and even the things that are imaginary or you’re unsure what they look like, looked realistic. The movie was beautiful, and it was not even in the top 5 movies I saw all year storywise. Anyone who asked me about this movie, I told them, “The Cinematography was amazing/beautiful.” And it was beautiful. Anyone who has watching it should know that this is the obvious winner.
“Marvel’s The Avengers”: Good effects. Everything looked great. Did I mention that the effects were good while watching it? Yes, I did. Do I really care after having seen everything? No.
“Prometheus”: I still haven’t seen it. So… I dunno. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had the best effects of the year. I mean, Ridley Scott’s one of my favourites, and I expect that he would want good effects for his film. Of course, he’s not James Cameron or anything, but he does a fairly good job of hiring people and having effects which are acceptable for modern-day film.
“Snow White and the Huntsman”: This movie had good effects, but I think everyone knows this is probably the film that would get the fewest votes out of the selection. I don’t know that there was anything particularly special about it. Perhaps because it’s been a while since I saw it.


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